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Related Midwest Celebrates Earth Day in Collaboration with HIRE360

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Two of Related Midwest’s core tenets are fostering inclusivity within the industry and championing sustainability. This is why, in celebration of Earth Day, Related collaborated with partner HIRE360 to provide a sustainability-focused tour of Lathrop to apprentices enrolled in HIRE360’s mentorship program. The participating apprentices, representing unions including electric, construction, bricklayers, and laborers, explored the intersection of their craft with sustainability initiatives. 

Frank Soldano, Vice President of Architecture and Planning at Related Midwest, led the tour through the 34-acre site, explaining the work that Related and partners have undertaken in transforming the historic property into a vibrant mixed-income community. In addition to its mix of public, affordable and market-rate housing, Lathrop includes community-serving retail and significant green and open space, such as its 2-acre Great Lawn and a new half-mile Riverwalk.  As part of the tour, Frank highlighted the many sustainable improvements that Related has implemented at Lathrop, including integration of energy-efficient appliances, HVAC systems and LED lighting; water-efficient plumbing fixtures; and new windows that maximize natural light. These additions have multiple benefits, such as enhanced environmental outcomes, lower utility bills and, perhaps most important, a superior resident experience that prioritizes comfort and wellness.

The tour offered more than just a glimpse into the future- it provided a tangible connection between apprentice training and the burgeoning field of sustainable construction. By immersing themselves in Related Midwest’s innovative practices, apprentices gained invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of their industries. Related is proud to play a part in empowering the future leaders of our industry and educating them on ever-evolving green building practices, including those that helped Lathrop secure LEED Neighborhood Development Gold certification, LEED Silver certification for Lathrop’s buildings, and Enterprise Green Communities certification.  We were thrilled to once again collaborate with HIRE360 for this tour and support its important mission of expanding employment and advancement opportunities and encouraging careers in the trades.