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Black Perspectives: Irving Wright and Blondean Gartley, Right Painting

Throughout February, Related Midwest is highlighting the words and stories of our partners in honor of Black History Month.

What services do you provide? Right Painting provides painting and light patching services.

What makes your business unique? We’re unique because we hire from the community as well as unionized labor. We’re not afraid to give a second chance to ex-offenders and at-risk youth if they do a great job like everyone else, because we believe that’s part of lifting up the community. We proud to partner with Related Midwest because they share that belief.

What does Black history mean to you? Black history means knowing where you come from and realizing you are greater than where you were raised. It means knowing the truth about your greatness and knowing you are in control of your life if you put God first.

Who inspires you? God.

What’s your life’s motto? Do it right so you don’t go wrong.