• Related Midwest is backed by Related Companies. With a portfolio valued at over $50 billion, it’s a backing that stands solid.

    One of Related’s greatest assets is our financial strength and expertise. This includes our significant net worth and liquidity, access to capital, financial flexibility, and ability to minimize risk. Our balance sheet is strong; we continue to reinvest our capital in our business and, as a result, have created a company with a multi-billion dollar equity value.

    Our access to capital is unmatched in the industry. We currently maintain significant working capital lines which are available to immediately capitalize on investment opportunities. As a result of our favorable financial position and our excellent track record, we are in the desirable and unique position of having major lenders willing to finance our projects. Related has also served as a major provider of debt and equity capital and managed institutional capital for four decades, with deep and longstanding relationships with industry leaders. Unlike most fund managers, we place a high premium on these financial resources, as well as on our access to capital; they enable us to take swift and full advantage of profitable opportunities while assuring us ample reserves to handle any potential uncertainty.

    We also focus on minimizing risk, allowing us to be fully prepared for any adverse market shift or change in business conditions. We do this by limiting recourse guarantees and contingent liabilities. Financial institutions are willing to work with us on this basis because we bring conservatively underwritten transactions to the table and because we have a compelling track record.

    As one might expect, given our history, we benefit greatly from an expertise in financing government-sponsored programs. No one has a deeper knowledge of the complex web of regulations and requirements established by local, state and federal agencies. With this knowledge we are able to secure financing at a significantly lower cost and develop relationships with high-quality institutional partners for joint ventures.
  • For Related Midwest, real estate development and community development go hand in hand. When we work in a community, we see ourselves as guests—and over the last 30 years, we have put a lot of effort into strengthening the communities that host us by bringing opportunities to the people who live in them.

    We’re dedicated to ensuring that local residents, minorities, and women have opportunities that lead to successful careers, and we invest in accordance with our values. We’ve hired more than 450 community residents. For 15 local companies, their first ever contract came from Related Midwest—a valuable partnership that has paved the way for their business growth. Between 2007 and 2017, Related Midwest awarded more than a quarter of a billion dollars of work to minority-and women-owned businesses. Our mentorship program for small business owners provides support to local entrepreneurs as they navigate the complex process of starting a business, finding financing, scaling up operations, and building capacity.

    We also work to make communities better for the people who live in them. In Woodlawn, we installed a new 8,410 square foot turf field and gymnasium floor at Dulles Elementary School in Woodlawn. At the Marshall Field Garden Apartment Homes, we hired a Community Liaison to engage residents and help them shape their own community. We set up a collaboration with a local art initiative, Art on Sedgwick, to create a series of opportunities for residents to experience programs including art workshops, dance classes, recreational events, and mentoring and leadership. We also work to make sure our impact reaches even further, by donating to After School Matters, a nonprofit that provides apprenticeships for public high school students citywide.

    We believe Chicago will reach its full potential when every resident from every community has the chance to have a good job and the opportunity to participate in the city’s economic growth. We consider it our responsibility to help make that vision a reality.

  • Related Midwest is one of Chicago’s busiest developers. Our portfolio includes a volume of large-scale, notable projects under construction and in-development. This includes affordable, mixed-income, luxury developments along with mixed-use master-planned communities. We are sought after and active in the Midwest market.
  • For over a decade, Related Midwest has been creating architecturally significant, LEED certified landmarks. In 2004, we designed and developed the first LEED Silver Residential tower in the Midwest region, 340 on the Park.

    Related is a market leader in environmentally-conscious real estate development and operations. For us, optimum building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes of a quality development and are evidence of our commitment to excellence. Related takes a comprehensive approach to enhancing the environmental sustainability of our business. We pursue LEED certification for all of our eligible development projects, which span luxury residential, retail, commercial and mixed-use. LEED is the most-recognized standard of environmental performance for the built environment. We are using environmentally-preferable operations and maintenance practices across our portfolio of owned and managed properties. Where we offer luxury resident services, we are introducing amenities designed to make living green cost effective and convenient. And, at the office level, we are making the small, but significant environmentally-conscious changes to align our internal corporate practices with our sustainability vision and guiding principles. This approach keeps us at the forefront of our industry in all regards. To read more about our sustainability vision and initiatives, please click here
  • One of our top priorities is to attract and retain the best possible talent to our award-winning team.

    Above all else, our key advantage is the quality and experience of our people. We have long placed a high premium on finding and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees at every level is often noted by our partners, customers and residents as a distinguishing characteristic of our company.
  • Our innovative strategies have evolved industry standards.

    Since 1972, the company has created numerous innovative strategies in the area of finance, product development, operations and marketing – strategies that in many cases have evolved into industry standards. Such leadership has helped us to create premier multi-family and mixed-use developments that have become market-dominant properties.
  • Our sophisticated infrastructure provides data you can be confident in.

    We have established sophisticated information technology, accounting, treasury and human resource systems that assure that our partners, lenders and employees have access to timely and relevant financial information. Not only does this provide data that is critical to our successful operation, but also gives our partners and financial sources confidence in the information we deliver.
  • Our philosophy of multidisciplinary collaboration makes us a single resource for the successful completion of any real estate project.

    Our integrated corporate structure has allowed us to develop significant synergies across our multiple areas of business activity. A good example of this is the way in which our development team draws upon company-wide expertise across a variety of markets and property types to compete effectively for large-scale development opportunities. We also benefit from the integration of our property management and residential sales teams, which provide us with direct access to real-time information about operating costs and market conditions.
  • Our ability to execute on time and on budget across all asset classes inspires confidence and makes Related the premier real estate developer in the business.

    Because of our financial strength and our extensive experience in the development and construction business, lenders are bringing us on board on behalf of their borrowers. As an industry leader, we are the choice of lenders looking for an experienced team with a proven track record, who can execute a complicated strategy to maximize the lender’s value in distressed properties.